Tubular Breast Surgery in Houston

Breasts are an important physical feature for many women since they influence one’s appearance, health, figure, and wardrobe options. Therefore, it can be incredibly frustrating when breasts develop abnormally. One condition known as tubular breasts, for instance, could significantly impact a women’s confidence and comfort with their image. This condition happens due to many different factors and leaves the chest lacking sufficient tissue, resulting in a tubular or stretched appearance.

Thankfully, if you are suffering from this condition, you likely have options for correcting this abnormal development and refreshing your appearance. Tubular breast surgery in Houston is a powerful procedure that features long-term results and various cosmetic enhancements. After surgery, our patients notice a more balanced figure, improved self-confidence, and more options for dressing how they like. If you want to learn more about whether the treatment is right for you, an experienced breast revision surgeon like Dr. Layton could assess your situation and offer professional advice.

What Are Tubular Breasts?

Tubular breasts refer to a condition that affects chest tissue development, mostly due to a connective tissue malformation that occurs during puberty. As a result, the breasts do not grow as they should both horizontally and vertically. Many people with this condition notice abnormal, tube-shaped breasts that are stretched and spaced out more than a regular chest.

To be more specific, tubular breasts usually appear asymmetrical and either pointed, oval, or square-shaped. Furthermore, the lack of breast tissue may cause the areas surrounding the nipples to appear indented, collapsed, or constricted, making the areolas look more prominent. Finally, tubular breasts could cause the chest to stretch more than it should, resulting in significant sagging.

Though the condition does not pose risks to an individual’s health, tubular breasts could be painful or impact someone’s ability to breastfeed. Additionally, many women find that tubular breasts negatively impact their self-confidence and appearance. Fortunately, our team can discuss how surgery for tubular breast development could resolve these concerns and many others.

Correcting Tubular Breasts Through Surgery

Like most breast augmentation or reconstructive surgery, procedures combatting tubular breasts use implants or fat transfer techniques to reconstruct moderate to severe abnormalities. For a tubular chest, the process begins with a surgical technique that focuses on relieving the excess tension within the constricted breast tissue. Afterwards, a detail-oriented surgeon will make small incisions either in the armpits, breast folds, or around the areolas, to create a space to insert the tissue expanders or the breast implants.

Between four to eight weeks later, anyone who received a tissue expander will undergo another surgery to remove the device. If implants were not inserted before, a physician might add them at this stage to replace the expanders. Additionally, Dr. Layton might reduce the areolas’ size to ensure natural-looking and proportional results, if necessary.

Fat Transfers Instead of Implants

As an alternative to implants, some patients might opt for fat transfer methods for correcting tubular breasts, which involves reshaping the region and adding excess fat from the body into a patient’s chest. This option can be beneficial for many people since results feel more natural than implants and some areas of the body get slimmed through fat extraction. However, the results are also not the most substantial method of correcting tubular development.

If a prospective patient needs help determining whether fat transfer surgery or implants would be ideal for correcting their tubular breasts, they should consult us here at LAPS.

Reach Out to Learn More about Tubular Breast Surgery

Tubular breasts, while not overtly harmful to your health, could cause emotional distress and a lack of self-confidence. Fortunately, surgical options like tubular breast surgery could correct the unfortunate condition for up to 20 years.  The operation reconstructs your breasts by relieving tissue constriction, reshaping your natural tissue, and reshaping your chest with implants or fat transfer.

After surgery, your breasts could appear more symmetrical, voluminous, and youthful. If you want to make big changes and get started on this new chapter of your life, call our office and schedule your consultation today.

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