Revance RHA Fillers in Houston

If you have seen an increase in the deepness and number of wrinkles around your mouth, nose, and cheeks, Revance RHA fillers in Houston at Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery may be the natural-looking solution for you.

Revance RHA fillers are an injection treatment designed to reduce wrinkles while maintaining a natural look and feel. Specifically designed to integrate with facial tissue seamlessly, Revance RHA fillers can withstand continuous facial movement without reducing their effectiveness.

What are Revance RHA Fillers?

RHA fillers consist of resilient hyaluronic acid dermal fillers used to reduce facial wrinkles and mimic natural acids found in your skin. Specifically, this treatment targets wrinkles on your face caused by repetitive movements. Revance RHA fillers’ innovative design is meant to withstand and adapt to your facial movement while reducing your wrinkle appearance.

Various forms of Revance RHA fillers target specific skin layers. RHA 2 and RHA 3 variants of the injections are utilized for wrinkles in mid to deep layers of the skin, while RHA 4 is for deep skin layers. All injections treat moderate to severe dynamic facial wrinkles or folds for a smoother, plumper look.

For lip augmentation, wrinkles around the mouth, and radial cheek lines, RHA 2 fillers are the preferred option. RHA 3 dermal fillers smooth wrinkles that extend from the nose to the mouth, known as nasolabial folds, and lines around the corners of the mouth. For deeper wrinkles around the nose, mouth, and jawline, choose RHA 4 fillers to smooth the skin.

Innovative Benefits of Revance RHA Fillers

Revance RHA fillers’ design mimics natural hyaluronic acids within the skin, allowing for a greater degree of flexibility when injected. Compared to other hyaluronic dermal fillers, Revance RHA fillers have fewer chemical modifications for a cleaner product. Thus, the dermal fillers can better integrate into the facial tissue for a more natural look and feel.

Revance RHA dermal fillers with Dr. Layton in Houston may be the best option for reducing deep wrinkles because of their natural ability to integrate with the skin and withstand repetitive facial movement. Once injected, wrinkles should look naturally softened with an undetectable feel within the skin. Further, its natural chemical components allow for successful results at any injection angle on the face.

Consider Revance RHA Fillers with Dr. Layton in Houston

If you want a natural-looking way to smoothen your deep facial wrinkles, Revance RHA fillers in Houston can provide exceptional results. Fewer chemical alterations in the manufacturing process create an increasingly natural feel and appearance. Compared to other hyaluronic dermal fillers, Revance RHA fillers are often the best option for increased flexibility in usage, more natural-looking results, and longer-lasting effects.

If you’re feeling burdened by deep facial wrinkles around your mouth, nose, and cheeks, consider Revance RHA fillers for smoother, natural-looking and feeling results. At your consultation, Dr. Layton can explain this procedure and provide a custom treatment plan tailored to your unique concerns. Call Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to get started.

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