Breast Surgery in Houston, TX


Breast Surgery in Houston, TX

You may choose to undergo breast surgery in Houston for many reasons, either cosmetic or reconstructive. If you feel that your breasts are too large, too small, or are affected by pregnancy and aging, cosmetic procedures could alter the breasts’ appearance. Alternatively, if you have undergone a mastectomy for breast cancer treatment, Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery offers several options to recreate a natural appearance.

If you are unhappy with your chest’s appearance, many different procedures could help you achieve your ideal shape, size, and contours. Options include breast lifts, breast enhancement, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction. Turn to Dr. Ernest Layton, Jr. in Houston, a Board-Certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast surgery.

What is Breast Surgery?

Following a mastectomy, the surgical removal of breast tissue as a treatment for breast cancer, you may seek to reconstruct your breasts. A breast reconstruction operation aims to recreate the volume, contour, and appearance of the breasts either with implants or body tissue. Additionally, nipple recreation is possible to give your chest a natural look.

Tissue and skin suitable for breast reconstruction could come from your lower abdomen, butt, and back. Using body tissue can sometimes provide a more natural appearance than implants, but the effects of aging will still occur after the procedure. Breast reconstruction surgery in Houston could be performed on either one or both breasts, depending on an individual’s prior mastectomy procedure.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery Options

The most well-known cosmetic breast surgery is augmentation, performed to enhance the breasts using either implants or tissue from other body areas. An individual may choose to have breast augmentation surgery if they feel that their chest is too small in proportion to the rest of their body. Additionally, breast augmentation could reverse the effects of aging or pregnancy by enhancing your breasts’ size and shape.

On the other hand, if you feel burdened by the size of your breasts, reduction surgery is an available option to reduce their volume. The operation aims to remove excess fat, skin, and tissue while preserving breast function and sensation. A breast reduction may alleviate back, neck, or shoulder pain caused by larger breasts along with weakness and skin irritation.

Breast lifts are another surgical procedure available at Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Houston. This procedure may be optimal for women with weakened skin that cannot support the breasts’ weight, causing them to appear saggy. A breast lift removes excess skin to increase the balance between the breast tissue and skin on the chest.

Speak to Dr. Layton in Houston About What Breast Surgery Can Do for You

Breast surgery in Houston could reduce, enhance, or rejuvenate your breasts’ appearance through various techniques. If you’re looking to increase your breasts’ size, a breast augmentation surgery using implants or body tissue could achieve this goal. Breast reduction surgery is also available if you find that your breasts are too large, putting a strain on your body. To restore a natural look following a mastectomy, breast surgery may be ideal for you. If you have noticed a sagging look to your breasts from aging or after pregnancy, a breast lift could reduce this effect by bringing balance between chest, tissue, and skin.

No matter what concern you may have about your breasts’ appearance, Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is here to help you feel more confident with your appearance.

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