Lip Injections in Houston, TX

With lip injections, patients can achieve voluptuous lips without the use of surgery. Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is proud to offer lip injections and other injectable treatments to patients living in San Antonio, Houston, Kerrville, and the nearby cities of Texas.
Lip Injections in Houston, TX

What Are Lip Injections?

Lip injections are a non-surgical lip augmentation technique that use dermal fillers and injectables to produce instant, long-lasting lip volume. Lip injections are a preferred lip augmentation method because they don’t involve the cost and downtime associated with surgical procedures. Lip injection treatments can be performed to provide you with results that are as subtle or as dramatic as you’d like. They can be a great option for patients who are experiencing age-related volume loss, or who would simply like to enhance the shape or size of the lips. At Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we typically recommend one of the following products for lip injections:

  • Juvéderm®
  • Restylane®

How Much Do Lip Injections Cost?

The cost of lip injections can vary depending on the product used and the extent of treatment necessary to deliver your desired results. During your consultation, Dr. Layton will be able to provide you with a treatment plan that matches your specific needs. At this point, we will be able to provide you with the exact cost of your treatment. We also offer financing services to help make this and other treatments more affordable.

What is the Lip Injection Treatment Like?

Lip injections are performed with the aid of a topical anesthetic, much like regular injectable treatments. This helps minimize the discomfort caused by injections. During the treatment, the desired dermal filler product will be injected into and around the lips. Then, the lips may be gently massaged to evenly distribute the gel. The full treatment process takes less than 30 minutes.

Is There Downtime After Lip Injections?

Just like other dermal filler and injectable treatments, lip injections require no downtime. Patients are able to immediately return to work and other normal activities after their appointment. However, patients may notice some bruising or swelling that develops around the injection area. These effects are usually minor, and tend to fade within a few days.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from Lip Injections?

The results from lip injections will be visible instantly. Depending on the dermal filler product used, the results from your lip injection treatment can last between one year and 18 months.

If you are considering lip injections at Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, contact us today to schedule your initial consultation. We offer this effective treatment to residents of Sugar Land, San Antonio and Houston, TX.

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