Breast Lift in Houston

As you get older, you may find that your breasts have begun to sag. This is an inevitable result of the aging process, but it can be frustrating to experience. Fortunately, you have a safe and effective cosmetic option at Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to rejuvenate your chest. If you live in the Houston area, Dr. Layton could walk you through the basic process of breast lift surgery and explain how this procedure can tighten, sculpt, and raise your sagging breasts.

Factors that Contribute to Sagging Breasts

A significant factor that causes breast drooping and sagging is age. As people age, softer parts of the body, such as muscle and skin tissue, begin to droop. Other contributors besides age include:

  • Family history
  • Childbirth, especially multiple childbirths
  • Choosing to breastfeed
  • Mild-to-severe changes in weight
  • Insufficient exercise
  • Inconsistent dietary habits

The effect of gravity on the body can be as significant as the impact of age. Gravity is a constant force that strains and pulls down on supporting muscles in the chest wall. Over time, those muscles become increasingly less able to maintain breast firmness and buoyancy.

How Do I Know if I’m a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift?

If you are unsure whether you are a good candidate for breast lift surgery, a simple home test with a pen or a pencil can help determine whether things have started to droop. To conduct this test, place the object directly under your breasts. If it stays put, it may be time for surgical intervention. Other common indicators of sagging breasts include:

  • A general lack of firmness and buoyancy
  • Areolas, especially the nipple itself, that no longer face forward
  • The breasts do not appear to be quite the same size
  • One breast is firmer or more supple than the other

As women age, their breasts go through a natural sagging process of sagging downward. This is an extremely common and natural effect of age, gravity, and general wear. A breast lift may be just the thing to help you look and feel rejuvenated and more youthful. An experienced plastic surgeon in Houston like Dr. Layton can determine whether you are an ideal candidate for a breast lift.

Process of a Breast Lift Surgery

Following an initial breast lift consultation at our Houston office, you will undergo a comprehensive physical exam and a review of your current and past medical history. Specific techniques, such as incision size and placement, are determined based on your specific needs and goals. Careful, thoughtful preparation is a critical part of ensuring the best possible results with the lowest chance of adverse effects.

This type of surgery is generally done as an outpatient procedure, but it is significant enough to require general anesthesia. Once this is administered, Dr. Layton will begin sculpting and toning the overall shape, look, and feel of your breasts. Depending on the patient, a variety of surgical techniques may be applied, such as:

  • The removal of extra tissues in, around, and under the breasts
  • The reorientation of the nipples to a more natural, straightforward position
  • A reshaped areola, and/or a reduction in its size

Because incisions are involved, some scarring does take place. These fade over time and the improvement in shape far outweighs any scarring that remains visible. Additionally, a diligent cosmetic surgeon will perform the breast lift procedure carefully, to minimize side effects.

Length of Recovery

Recovery time depends on the patient unique physique and the extent of the procedure. Prior to and following a successful breast lift, patients receive detailed information and easy-to-follow guidelines for recovery best practices. Once the effects of general anesthesia start to fade, you may feel short-term discomfort and experience some pain, redness, bruising, and swelling. Patients are strongly encouraged to follow their recovery plan and contact the clinic should post-surgical discomfort persist.

Patients can often enjoy years, even decades, of breast shape rejuvenation. Breast lifts, when performed by a trained surgeon such as Dr. Layton, have a high rate of long-lasting success. If a patient in Houston has any further questions about how to best recover from a breast lift operation, Dr. Layton’s team can provide answers

Dr. Layton Could Explain the Benefits of Breast Lift Surgery in Houston

Are your breasts starting to sag or droop from child rearing or natural aging? A surgical lift may be the right cosmetic solution for long-lasting breast height, firmness, and buoyancy. Call our Houston office today to schedule a breast lift surgery consultation with Dr. Layton and learn more about the rejuvenating benefits of this procedure.

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