Breast Reconstruction in Houston, TX

The breasts are a large part of a woman’s femininity and sense of self. Breast reconstruction can help restore wholeness and confidence in a variety of situations. Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is proud to offer breast reconstruction in Houston, TX. 
Breast Reconstruction in Houston, TX

What is Breast Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction involves correcting the shape, size, and aesthetic qualities of the breast. This technique is commonly used for breast cancer patients who may feel that they have lost their femininity or their sense of wholeness due to a mastectomy and other breast cancer treatment. Breast reconstruction can also be used to correct asymmetric breasts and other abnormalities. Dr. Layton has performed a large volume of breast surgeries and has a reputation of excellence with superior results. As such, he is highly sought after for breast reconstruction procedures. We sub-categorize breast reconstruction into breast cancer reconstruction and congenital reconstruction.

How Much Does Breast Reconstruction Cost?

The cost of breast reconstruction can vary depending on the techniques used and the extent of treatment involved, but the treatment is generally covered by insurance. During your consultation, Dr. Layton will be able to provide you with a treatment plan that matches your specific needs. At this point, we will be able to provide you with the exact cost of your treatment. We will also determine your eligibility for coverage during your consultation. If needed, we offer financing services to help make this and other treatments more affordable.

What is Breast Cancer Reconstruction?

Breast cancer treatment often involves the removal of part or all of an affected breast. We offer the latest techniques in breast expander and implant reconstruction. In most instances, we will work with your general surgeon or breast surgeon to restore your breast at the same time of removal. In doing so, we can eliminate the emotional turmoil of awakening without a breast.

At the original surgery, an inflatable, expandable device will be placed where the breast was removed. You will be seen every two weeks for inflation or expansion in the office. This is quick and painless. Once filled to the desired volume, a waiting period of at least three months occurs to let the tissue relax. If having chemotherapy or radiation, we will wait until these are completed prior to removing the expandable device. When you are ready, one final surgery will replace the expander with a long term implant. We also provide nipple reconstruction if desired. If a cancer treatment patient in Houston is considering breast reconstruction, Dr. Layton can address any of their questions or concerns.

What is Congenital Breast Reconstruction?

Congenital breast reconstruction includes asymmetric breasts as well as tubular or constricted breast deformities. We use a combination of breast surgery options, including breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction to produce the intended or desired outcome. These versatile procedures are ideal for patients in Houston who want to address abnormal shapes or sizes.

What is Inverted Nipple Correction?

An inverted nipple occurs when a nipple retracts into the breast instead of pointing outward. It can occur in men and women and is more common than one may realize. An inverted nipple may be genetic, caused by a traumatic event, breast surgery, breast cancer, major weight loss, and other conditions. Inverted nipple correction can be performed in-office under local anesthesia. During this treatment, an incision is made below the nipple. The restriction in the duct is released and a small piece of fat or a spacer is inserted to create a more contoured, outward projecting appearance in the nipples. It is possible that this treatment can affect your ability to breastfeed, so if this is a concern, be sure to discuss it with Dr. Layton during your consultation about breast reconstruction at the Houston clinic.

How is Recovery Following a Breast Reconstruction Procedure?

The recovery from your breast reconstruction will depend on the breast reconstruction techniques involved. During your consultation, Dr. Layton will discuss your treatment with you in detail so you know exactly what to expect from the recovery process. Like most surgical procedures, breast reconstruction may require you to take a few weeks off of work and other activities in order to rest and recover from treatment.

To learn more about breast reconstruction in Houston, contact us today. We will be happy to answer any of your questions or help you schedule your initial consultation. At Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we welcome patients from Houston, Sugar Land, San Antonio, and the surrounding areas of Texas.


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