Breast Revision Surgery in Houston 

Breast implants can change shape and size over time due to many factors, including material makeup, pregnancy, weight fluctuations, aging, and previous surgical changes. If you are unhappy with how your implants look, there are options for breast revision surgery in Houston.  Dr. Layton can discuss replacing your old implants or how to correct previous surgeries to improve your shape, size, feel, and look.

Breast revision surgery may be the best choice for you if you need to replace your implants, reduce pain from previous surgeries, or rejuvenate your chest’s appearance for a second time. To learn more about the benefits of this breast surgery, speak with Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery about your desired results.

What is the Goal of Breast Revision Surgery?

A breast revision surgery’s primary goal is to replace older implants for health or cosmetic reasons. Along with implant replacement, the operation could change your appearance through a breast lift or reduction, decreasing signs of aging and removing excess tissue, skin, and fat. These surgical changes can alter the size, shape, look, and feel of your breasts to be more aligned with your ideal appearance.

Because breast revision is a corrective surgery, there are increased risks to consider. Scar tissue, stretching of the skin and tissues, and anatomical changes from previous breast surgeries may alter your final results. However, if your implants have ruptured or become too aged, revision surgery is necessary to ensure your health and safety. Dr. Layton’s main priority is to ensure your safety during this type of procedure, so feel free to reach out to Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery regarding any questions about the safety measures we take to protect your health.

Reasons for a Breast Revision Surgery

Typically, implants from breast augmentation procedures need to be replaced ten to 15 years after the initial surgery. Over time, implants used during breast enhancement surgeries can change shape and size, leading to changes in appearance. Further, there is a risk of an implant leak or rupture due to physical activity or the implant’s material or age.

Previous breast surgery may lead to pain from capsular contracture of current implants, meaning tightness in the chest from scar tissue. However, revision surgery could alleviate the pain.

You may also choose to undergo breast revision surgery to increase or decrease the size of your breasts. This operation is also a suitable option for switching the types of breast implant, as saline and silicone options provide different looks and feels. Other factors such as pregnancy, aging, scar tissue buildup, and weight gain may lead to changes in your breast appearance that are correctable through revision surgery.

Discuss Your Breast Revision Surgery with Dr. Layton in Houston

If you have previously undergone a breast augmentation, breast revision surgery in Houston can replace your old implants with newer versions to improve your breast size, shape, and appearance. You may also consider the operation if you wish to switch your implant material between silicone and saline options. Revision surgery can also include a breast lift or reduction.

Dr. Ernest Layton believes that customization is crucial for breast revision surgery to comply with your specific goals and health concerns. Consult with Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery about your cosmetic goals.

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