Asymmetrical Breast Augmentation in Houston

In many cases, substantial physical changes could result in a woman developing asymmetrical breasts. Occurring in roughly half of all female patients, this condition could significantly change your natural breast contours, create cosmetic concerns, result in wardrobe limitations, and negatively impact your self-confidence. However, there may be options available to correct your asymmetrical breast development.

For example, asymmetrical breast augmentation in Houston uses implants to improve an uneven appearance while also allowing for additional future enhancements. Afterward, your more even composition could improve the balance of your shoulders, breasts, and hip proportions to enhance your overall figure. If you want to learn more about this impactful procedure, Dr. Layton, our knowledgeable breast augmentation surgeon at LAPS, could explain the operation and determine whether it is right for you.

Typical Causes of Asymmetrical Breasts

Breast asymmetry could result from numerous factors. For instance, many individuals might experience the condition after pregnancy, weight gain, changes in hormonal composition, or aging. In other cases, teenage girls may develop uneven chests due to juvenile hypertrophy, a condition that causes the breasts to grow abnormally during puberty.

In some situations, visible breast asymmetry could be caused by external trauma to the breast tissue, especially if it occurs before the chest is finished growing. Finally, breast asymmetry could be triggered by certain infections, diseases, and medical conditions. Determining what causes asymmetrical breasts is challenging, but our team could assess your situation and pinpoint the ideal augmentation options.

The Impact of Asymmetrical Breast Augmentation

Generally, augmentation surgery is the most effective solution for resolving or correcting asymmetrical breasts in the long term. Since the surgery uses implants to restore a patient’s appearance, it is rather impactful.

Dr. Layton will use silicone or saline breast implants during a procedure to rebalance your body’s proportions. You may only need an implant in one breast to combat an asymmetrical appearance successfully. However, in other situations, you could require two different-sized implants for the best results. With this approach, the smaller breast implant goes in the more prominent breast, and the larger breast implant goes into the smaller breast.

Our patients usually leave an operation with a larger cup size, as they would if they were receiving implants. To learn more about the details of asymmetrical breast augmentation or the associated recovery period, schedule your consultation to meet with our team.

Call Dr. Layton about Asymmetrical Breast Augmentation

Noticing uneven breasts can be frustrating for many women, especially those who have recently developed the condition due to pregnancy, hormone changes, or other factors. For a more even appearance, reach out to our practice about asymmetrical breast augmentation, an effective procedure with noticeable and long-term results.

Although it might take several weeks to recover from the procedure, the enhancements could rejuvenate your breasts and improve your overall figure. Additionally, receiving an augmentation for chest asymmetry could leave you more confident in your appearance. If you want to schedule your operation or learn more about your options, contact us today to speak with a team member.

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