Choosing the Right Implant in Houston 

For Houston residents and guests considering breast augmentation surgery, there are various physical and lifestyle factors to consider before choosing the right implant for you. A significant influence is your body shape and frame, as implants need to look proportional to other physical features. Additionally, your lifestyle could affect which implants are most suitable for you.

It is crucial to consider your physical dimensions, ideal cosmetic goals, and daily habits before deciding on the right implant size and material. For help making your decision, Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery can provide you with advice and support. Breast implants are a serious commitment, so it is vital to consider all the physical and environmental factors before deciding on the right size for you.

Physical Aspects to Consider Before Choosing

Your body’s size and shape are central factors when deciding choosing proportional and comfortable breast implants. Smaller body frames have naturally smaller chest walls and breast width, making them more equipped for smaller implants as larger ones may cause back, neck, and shoulder pain. Larger body frames with stronger muscles are more appropriate for larger breast implants’ extra weight.

In addition to body size, your natural breast size is an essential factor in choosing the right breast implant size in Houston. You must have enough natural tissue to cover the implants adequately. Since naturally smaller breasts have less tissue, smaller implants are a better choice, while larger breasts can withstand larger implants.

Your cosmetic goals also influence your choice, as smaller implants may provide a more natural look to your breasts. If your goal is a more dramatic, enhanced look, larger breast implants may be preferable.

Lifestyle Habits that May Influence Your Decision

The added weight from your breast implants could cause back, shoulder, and neck pain if you have a highly active lifestyle. Physically demanding jobs may not be compatible with the additional weight from larger breast implants. Your wardrobe style may also affect your choice of implant size.

Other lifestyle habits to consider before choosing an implant size include age, weight, and pregnancy, which can change the size of your breasts or cause sagging. Implants are more effective once you finish having children and your weight stabilizes, but it is important to note that larger implants may lead to additional sagging from the loss of skin elasticity.

The Right Implant Choice for You in Houston

Your physical measurements and lifestyle habits are essential elements to consider before choosing the right implant for breast enhancement surgery in Houston. If you have a smaller body frame, Dr. Ernest Layton can explain how a choice of larger implants may look unproportioned and bring you physical discomfort. Larger breast implants are a possible option for your chest if you have strong muscles, naturally large breasts, or a larger body frame.

It is also imperative to think about the physical activity required by your job or exercise routines, as larger implants may be uncomfortable with higher activity levels. Your natural breast size is also a determining factor because you must have enough natural tissue to cover the implants. Breast implants are a significant commitment and having confidence in your implant size is essential to your satisfaction with breast augmentation. To learn more about how to choose the right implant, contact Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Today.

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