Capsular Contracture Treatment in Houston

Breast augmentation refers to a set of versatile options that could enhance your chest size, shape, and volume for the long term. However, since augmentation surgeries require several changes to the skin and muscles, there is a risk of scar tissue development afterward. For some women, this scar tissue hardens unnaturally around their implants, causing significant pain and changes in breast composition.

Known as capsular contracture, this condition requires medical intervention. Thankfully, capsular contracture treatment in Houston removes scar tissue from affected breasts to restore their appearance and reduce unnecessary pain. A seasoned breast revision surgeon like Dr. Layton can perform the operation with care and help you get back to enjoying your new look.

The Various Degrees of Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture occurs when small instances of scar tissue form around breast implants and harden abnormally, resulting in tightness, pain, and cosmetic changes. The condition has various degrees of severity and diagnosing the extent of the damage is a crucial part of the treatment process.

The first degree of capsular contracture happens when scar tissue forms around an implant, but the breast’s size, shape, or texture does not change. With this first category, the breasts look and feel natural despite the scar formation. However, when someone notices slight pain and moderate hardening of the breast, the capsular contracture becomes second degree.

Third degree capsular contracture involves visible changes in breast composition, abnormal implant shape, and hardened tissue. However, this degree does not involve much discomfort. Finally, fourth degree contracture refers to severely hardened and mishappen breasts that cause significant pain and soreness.

During an initial consultation, a knowledgeable physician in Houston will assess a patient’s circumstances to determine which degree of capsular contracture affects them.

The Capsular Contracture Treatment Process

There are a few different methods for correcting capsular contracture, and the right one for each patient depends on the circumstances.

Surgical methods are usually best for treating more severe cases of capsular contracture since they completely extract the scar tissue in question. Typically, a surgical operation would involve capsulectomy, which requires removing the breast implant and surrounding scar tissue before inserting a new implant. The new breast implant is usually placed within a unique web made of collagen that prevents infections and the formation of new scar tissue. A less-invasive alternative is available in the form of an open capsulotomy, which cuts open the scar tissue developments to create more room and relieve discomfort.

Meanwhile, another procedure known as an autologous reconstruction might be a better option for some prospective patients since it helps prevent scar tissue from redeveloping. During a treatment session, an experienced physician will extract the breast implants from the chest and reconstruct them using excess fat and tissue from other body regions.

A diligent surgeon in Houston will analyze a prospective patient’s situation to conclude which form of capsular contracture treatment is best for them.

Call Dr. Layton Today About Capsular Contracture Treatment in Houston

Most breast augmentation patients love their results and do not develop side effects. They fully and safely recover from their previous procedure. Unfortunately, some women develop capsular contracture symptoms and require further intervention. Although most cases of this condition do not result in adverse physical and cosmetic side effects, some instances could be painful and alter the appearance of the breast. If this happens to you, capsular contracture treatment in Houston might be ideal for your circumstances.

During your initial consultation, our team will work hard to outline your options and develop a personalized treatment plan. Schedule your appointment today if you are experiencing symptoms of capsular contracture and want to rejuvenate your appearance.

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