BOTOX® in Kerrville

Many of our patients have tried every single over-the-counter cream and serum to treat their wrinkles with little-to-no improvement. Unfortunately, these over-the-counter treatments only penetrate the skin’s most superficial layers, primarily composed of dead skin cells. These treatments are not strong enough to improve or impact your skin issues.

When over-the-counter treatments do not work for our clients, they turn to us. BOTOX® Cosmetic is a non-surgical injectable treatment that has been used safely used for decades to correct facial wrinkles cosmetically. BOTOX® works by blocking the nerve signals to the area you are targeting. It is popular for treating wrinkles that cause facial expressions, including forehead lines, such as the “11” in between your eyes, the wrinkles created by raising your eyebrows, squinting, smiling, or pursing your lips. When administered by our plastic surgeon, Dr. Layton, or his highly trained team, your BOTOX® treatment in Kerrville results can last several months.

What To Expect During Your BOTOX® Cosmetic Appointment in Kerrville

Our medical staff will discuss your treatment options based on your needs and devise a personalized strategy to help you combat your concerns.

Once we thoroughly review your medical history and identify if you are a good candidate for BOTOX®, we may also recommend that you opt for additional treatments, such as dermal fillers, to target other concerns.

During your BOTOX® injection procedure, Dr. Layton and our team will cleanse the target area. The BOTOX® injection—which contains Lidocaine—will be quick, lasting a few minutes or more, depending on how many treatment areas you choose.

Following the procedure, our staff will cleanse the area targeted again. In most cases, patients see results within two weeks of when they leave our clinic. The BOTOX® procedure has no downtime or recovery–patients can return to their jobs or everyday life immediately after the treatment.

Is BOTOX® Permanent?

The age-defying results of your BOTOX® injections in Kerrville will last you several months, but they will not be permanent. Eventually, your body naturally breaks down the BOTOX® product ingredients and absorbs them. Therefore, our expert medical team recommends that you schedule maintenance appointments every 4-6 months or as directed to maintain the best results.

By taking good care of your skin, you can prolong the results of your BOTOX®. Often, we encourage our patients to hydrate themselves regularly, eat a healthy, balanced diet, wear sunscreen, and follow a good skincare routine.

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Our clinic is known for our expertise and passion for providing exceptional service to our patients. We are there for our patients and clients every step of the way, providing safety, comfort, and trust–from your first consultation to your last follow-up. Our patients return to us time and time again for all their cosmetic and dermatology needs.

Dr. Layton will ensure that your BOTOX® Injection in Kerrville is performed safely and accurately, helping you achieve your desired look while making your experience relaxed and comfortable. You can have peace of mind knowing our trained team will help you achieve your desired look while keeping you safe and healthy. Call us today to book your free consultation for BOTOX® in Kerrville.

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