Non-Surgical Procedures in Kerrville

If you are considering a cosmetic enhancement procedure for your face or body that doesn’t involve invasive surgery, our dedicated team can help. We understand that plastic surgery is a commitment, often painful, and can force you to take extended time away from your work or social life.

Fortunately, Dr. Layton and our specialists offer a full suite of non-surgical procedures in Kerrville, including, but not limited to, micro-needling, dermal fillers, laser skin rejuvenation, body contouring, and professional chemical peels. Contact us to learn more about our treatments and how they can revitalize your skin.

What is Micro-Needling?

Micro-needling activates the skin’s healing and regenerating capabilities by penetrating quickly and effectively into the deepest layers of the skin using thin, hollow needles. Since each needle is thinner than a single human hair, micro-needling is virtually painless. The micro-needling effect activates your skin’s healing process, supercharging collagen and elastin growth while firming and tightening the skin to diminish facial wrinkles and fine lines.

This process makes it easier for your skin to absorb water, giving it a healthy, radiant glow. Micro-needling is safe for clients of all skin types and tones. In addition, micro-needling is for those who desire a natural, minimally invasive, and non-surgical alternative to traditional facelifts and other invasive dermatological treatments.

Dermal Fillers and Neurotoxins Explained

Dermal fillers, such as RHA, and Restylane®, are popular and effective treatments to add volume and fullness to the skin as they are quick in both procedure and recovery time. Dermal fillers come with a variety of benefits. These treatments smooth and blur the harsh lines of the face, add volume to the lips and cheeks, and non-surgically reshape the nose and refine the jawline.

Dermal fillers are low-risk, extremely safe, and have almost no recovery or downtime. Due to their ease, they are a popular alternative to invasive surgical procedures such as facelifts and nose jobs. However, the results are temporary and require regular follow-up and maintenance appointments to prolong the effects.

(We use Botox, Daxxify, Jueveau, and Dysport neurotoxins, which are different than dermal fillers. Botox is the most popular; Daxxify is our newest product offer. Please create blurb for these)

Laser Skin Rejuvenation and Body Contouring

Laser skin rejuvenation and body contouring procedures dramatically improve skin tone and texture, reduce the size of the pores, and diminish fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne scarring, surgical scars, and age spots. We offer laser treatments for various skin concerns, including:

  • Acne scarring
  • Body contouring and sculpting
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Double chin removal
  • Laser hair removal
  • Micro-needling
  • Sun damage removal
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Stretch mark reduction
  • Tattoo removal

These non-surgical treatments will give your skin a healthier, firmer, and more youthful appearance.

Professional Chemical Peels

Professional, expertly administered chemical peels can dramatically improve skin texture, tone, radiance, firmness, and general appearance for almost everyone. A professional chemical peel is a solid, skin-safe acid or acid cocktail applied to the face to exfoliate the superficial, dead layers of the skin.

Dr. Layton typically uses these peels to address cosmetic skin concerns such as acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles, giving you a new, radiant, healthy glow just an hour after you leave our clinic.

Contact Us Today to Discuss Non-Surgical Procedures

At our clinic, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Layton will work to understand your skin type, identify your skin’s particular needs, and be able to recommend a targeted solution to address your unique skin concerns.

Our expert medical team is ready to answer your questions or concerns. If you would like to book a non-surgical procedure, contact us today.

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