Wellness Center in Houston, TX

Achieving overall wellness goes beyond addressing signs of aging, which is why we are proud to offer wellness services in addition to our cosmetic treatments. Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery welcomes patients from Houston, Kerrville, San Antonio, and the neighboring areas of Texas.

Wellness Center in Houston, TXWhat is the Wellness Center at Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery?

“Wellness” is a term used to encompass many different areas of the body, including physical appearance, internal aging, lifestyle, and physical fitness. Our wellness center focuses on both men and women and includes bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, incontinence, living clean through healthy consumer products that include collagen and other natural ingredients, and stem cell preservation.

How Much Do Wellness Services Cost?

At Layton Aesthetic Plastic surgery, we charge $200 for your initial appointment. This fee will include the cost of all necessary bloodwork, as well as your consultation. After your initial visit, follow up appointments will cost you only $150.

What is Clean Living and Collagen?

At Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & Wellness Med Spa, we believe that living clean from the inside out is important to mental and physical health, one’s overall well-being, and the anti-aging process. We have partnered with Modere Live Clean to offer clean label products that assist with weight loss, anti-aging, and joint protection. One of our most popular products is the Trim which accelerates fat loss, inhibits fat storage, improves muscle tone, and restores youthful skin. Another popular product is Liquid Biocell, which is a naturally-derived collagen and hyaluronic acid (HA) mixture that is especially important to the hips, knees, elbows, wrists, and spine. Some of the benefits of Liquid Biocell is that it improves joint mobility and lubrication, reduces joint discomfort, promotes healthy cartilage and connective tissue, and increases the skin’s collagen content. We offer an extensive amount of clean living products, so give us a call to schedule a consultation and determine the products that are best for you.

What is Stem Cell Preservation?

Dr. Layton and his team have partnered with ForeverLabs to allow our patients with the opportunity to preserve their own stem cells for future treatment of conditions like heart attack, stroke, autoimmune disease, dementia, arthritis, and more. All stem cells rejuvenate and renew the systems and tissues of your body, but they are lost with age. By storing and preserving your stem cells, you can use them later in life. Patients undergoing a liposuction or a fat removal procedure have already collected young stem cells, so we provide our patients with the option of preserving them as part of the procedure.

What Other Services Are Offered?

In addition to those described above, Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery offers other wellness services to help patients enhance their quality of life. We offer hormone replacement therapy to help men and women combat hormonal changes that occur as a result of aging. This can help improve many natural body functions, producing a range of benefits. We also offer treatment for urinary incontinence, which is a surprisingly common condition that is characterized by the leakage of urine or a frequent urge to urinate. Our incontinence treatments can restore your control over your body, improving your comfort and giving you the freedom to live your best life. You can learn more about these treatments by exploring the pages below.

  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
    • Average Cost: $300 to $700
    • By restoring your hormones to the optimal levels, patients can eliminate a range of effects that have occurred due to a hormonal deficiency. We offer hormone replacement for both males and females.
  • Urinary Incontinence Treatment
    • With BTL Emsella®, patients can strengthen their pelvic muscles to reduce symptoms of incontinence and enjoy a wealth of other benefits.

To learn more about our wellness services or to schedule your initial consultation, contact us today. Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is proud to serve the residents of Houston, Sugar Land, Kerrville, and the nearby areas of Texas.