Recovery After a QWO Procedure in Houston

If you are serious about reducing stubborn cellulite that does not respond to careful diet or vigorous exercise, you have probably read about many different procedures that all require some kind of recovery period. You might also have researched operations that require no downtime. However, none are as impactful and innovative as QWO injections. These powerful treatments can eliminate cellulite at its origin to help you restore confidence in your appearance. Recovery after a QWO procedure in Houston requires no interruption to your daily routine, and clinical trials indicate compelling results.

Along with understanding the risks and benefits of QWO treatment, you should also learn about the recovery period if you are considering this option. A knowledgeable plastic surgeon could outline the steps towards a safe recovery and work to minimize the side effects of this procedure.

The Basics of the QWO Procedure

QWO is a prescription medication administered during a simple in-office procedure. The injectable is colorless, odorless, and contains a collagen dissolving enzyme. The treatment releases tethering collagen bands that bind skin to muscle, therefore reducing visible dimples.

During the procedure, the patient lies on their stomach. The doctor will determine the ideal injection sites by circling the most prominent dimples. Each treatment area can receive up to 12 injections per side, and each injection contains 0.3 ml of solution. Because the needle is small and the procedure requires no anesthesia or numbing, patients in Houston can usually expect streamlined recovery after each QWO appointment. Most women schedule three treatment sessions 21 days apart.

A seasoned cosmetic physician like Dr. Layton could determine the extent of QWO needed for a prospective patient’s unique physical attributes.

Recovery and Side Effects Associated with QWO

When it comes to recovering from QWO injections, there is essentially no downtime. Patients can safely transport themselves to and from their appointments and resume daily activities immediately following each session. This makes the treatment versatile and impactful.

However, prospective patients in Houston should understand that minor side effects are a normal part of recovery after QWO. Most patients will experience bruising and minor swelling at the injection sites lasting up to two weeks. Other common side effects include redness, itching, areas of hardness, or warmth at the injection site. In rare situations, some patients might have an allergic reaction to the treatment. Therefore, anyone interested should familiarize themselves with the drug’s ingredients to make sure it is safe for them.

An experienced plastic surgeon could address further concerns about these side effects or help determine if their patient is allergic to QWO injections.

Consult a Cosmetic Surgeon about Recovery After a QWO Procedure in Houston

No matter how much you work out at the gym or watch what you eat, you might still notice cellulite development. Fortunately, if you are interested in reducing the appearance of the condition, you do have options. For instance, QWO injections are powerful prescription treatments that could help you feel more confident in your skin.

Since each session is surprisingly short and recovery is streamlined, most clients have no problem integrating QWO treatments into their busy day.  If you have any further questions about recovery after a QWO procedure in Houston, you could learn more by contacting us today.

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