Candidates for QWO in Houston

Regardless of your satisfaction with your physique, there may still be parts of your appearance that you might want to alter. Even people with low BMIs can still develop cellulite, so no matter how regularly you have been exercising or how much you have been watching your diet, you may still notice skin dimples. Fortunately, with QWO treatment, you now have the option to administer long-term cellulite reduction with no downtime, anesthesia, or surgery.

QWO injections are minimally invasive, quick, and effective. Many people might wonder whether they are eligible to receive the treatment. Fortunately, this cosmetic solution is a safe option for most individuals. A knowledgeable surgeon could outline the treatment and conclude whether you are an ideal candidate for QWO in Houston.

Who Should and Should not Receive QWO?

Generally speaking, individuals without much skin laxity will benefit most from QWO treatment. Those with distinct cellulite dimples on the buttocks and realistic expectations of QWO injections are most likely to be satisfied with the results. Women who want to improve the appearance of their buttocks or thigh dimpling and are in overall good physical and mental health are also excellent candidates for QWO injections.

Individuals who are allergic to any of the ingredients in QWO or collagenase should not receive this treatment. Additionally, active infection at the potential treatment site will prevent a surgeon from safely administering QWO injections. If a patient is pregnant or breastfeeding, delaying the procedure might be the safest option. Finally, people who have a history of bleeding disorders should consult their healthcare provider before seeking this treatment.

A compassionate cosmetic physician in Houston like Dr. Layton could analyze your physique and health conditions to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for QWO injections.

Are Women Good Candidates for QWO Sessions?

Fibrous bands of collagen tissue known as septae tether skin to muscle in both men and women. In women, these bands run vertically while in men, the bands run at an angle. When fat cells accumulate in women, the columnar nature of the space between septae results in fat tissue pushing upwards, creating dimpling from the collagen tissue pulling downward. Releasing these bands smooths the skin. Therefore, QWO treatments, in most cases, are excellent options for significantly recuing the visible effects of cellulite in female patients. Most women in Houston who want to minimize the appearance of their cellulite development make good candidates for QWO injectables.

What Body Regions Respond Well to QWO Treatment?

Although the FDA only approved QWO injections for treating cellulite development in the buttocks of women, that does not preclude use on other areas of the body. Individuals with cellulite on the hips and thighs may still benefit from these injections. Using QWO in these additional areas is routinely and successfully accomplished in local dermatology clinics and may feature FDA approval in the future. A diligent plastic surgeon in Houston could help decide which regions of your body could benefit from QWO treatment.

Contact a Plastic Physician about Whether You Are an Ideal Candidate for QWO in Houston

If you have 30 minutes, then you have time for QWO injections. Additionally, because no downtime is required, you can promptly return to work following treatments. Results are long-lasting, so after a few sessions, you will not need to return.

QWO is not suitable for everyone, but it is safe and effective for most people. Call the practice today to learn more about the treatment and determine whether you are an ideal candidate for QWO in Houston.

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