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The underarm is not the first body part people think of when they consider cosmetic surgery. Most people might not notice cosmetic issues under their arms, but excess, loose skin in this region is a frequent occurrence. Even if you have been working out and eating right, your underarms might refuse to tighten up. Additionally, as we age, our skin elasticity diminishes, resulting in lax skin.

Some people alter clothing or limit their activities to avoid showing this loose skin to others. However, worrying about this problem can be stressful and impact self-confidence.  If you find yourself unhappy with excess skin on your underarms, a knowledgeable body sculpting surgeon could outline your options. For example, an arm lift in Houston is a powerful cosmetic procedure that could rejuvenate the affected region and help you feel more secure in your appearance.

How is an Arm Lift Performed?

An arm lift, also known as Brachioplasty, surgically removes excess skin and tissue underneath the upper arm. After administering general anesthesia, an experienced surgeon will make incisions under the arm to remove the inner tissue and, in some cases, perform liposuction if needed. A physician will then reshape the arm and contour it from armpit to elbow. Afterward, they will secure the inner tissue with dissolvable sutures and drape the skin back over the newly contoured arm. Finally, they will then remove the extra skin and close the incision.

If a prospective patient has any further questions about the arm lift procedure, a well-practiced physician in Houston like Dr. Layton can address concerns.

Recovering from Brachioplasty

After an arm lift procedure, a plastic surgeon will bandage the arm and apply a compression garment to aid healing and decrease swelling. The patient may also need their doctor to place small drainage tubes. Individuals undergoing Brachioplasty will also need to have someone drive them home. Most patients return to the office within a few days to check the incisions and remove tubes, if necessary.

During the first few weeks after an operation, Dr. Layton might advise patients not to lift their arms above shoulder height. Anyone who received an arm lift might also need to avoid strenuous physical activities for a maximum of two months. After one to two weeks, most people can resume their daily routine.

If an arm lift patient needs to learn more about the recovery process, an intelligent cosmetic physician in Houston could explain more common mistakes to avoid.

How Effective is an Arm Lift Surgery?

While the procedure might seem intimidating, arm lifts are impactful solutions that can have noticeable, long-lasting results. After a successful operation, a patient’s arm could have a more toned appearance and a significant reduction in loose skin. The treatment’s results are considered permanent, but it is important to note that skin will continue to lose elasticity with age. Fortunately, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and stable weight could help a patient maximize the impact of the operation.

A hard-working surgeon in Houston like Dr. Layton could perform an arm lift carefully, to make sure that the results last as long as possible.

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