How Long After a QWO Procedure Will I See Results?

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When individuals deliberate over a cosmetic procedure, they usually wonder about the results of the treatment. For example, they want to know what degree of improvement they can expect, how soon they will see results after treatment, and how long these modifications will last. Effectiveness varies depending on the patient and the procedure, so ensuring that your expectations are on par with the capability of a particular treatment is crucial.

If you have unsuccessfully tried to treat stubborn cellulite with over-the-counter creams or self-massage techniques, skepticism about other treatments is reasonable. Fortunately, you may have another option with QWO injections, which are the latest FDA-approved cellulite reduction technology. This treatment offers long-term results that become visible soon after a session.

A typical QWO treatment consists of three appointments spanned across two to three months. Each session is usually under 30 minutes, and clients are free to return to normal activities immediately.

If you need to know for how long after a QWO procedure you will see results, a knowledgeable plastic surgeon like Dr. Layton could answer your questions and address any further concerns.

When are Results Noticeable?

Most individuals will begin to see a decrease in cellulite within three weeks of the first treatment. Results of QWO injections will continue to develop long after the first session, with individuals seeing most of the improvement following the completion of their third and final treatment.

A well-practiced cosmetic physician could help a patient understand what kind of results to expect between each QWO session.

How Long do the Results of QWO Last?

Due to QWOs relatively recent appearance into the cosmetic industry, available data regarding the duration of the results is limited. However, one study with over 250 women exhibited positive outcomes in both safety and efficacy for up to 720 days post final procedure.

Based on this study, patients should see improved cellulite for a minimum of one year, but QWO is likely to provide even longer results. Because QWO severs the connective tissue bands pinning skin to muscle, which causes skin dimpling, the impact of the procedure could be incredibly-long lasting. A diligent physician can be sure to carefully administer QWO treatment, to make results last as long as possible.

Contact a Surgeon to Learn More about QWO Results

The results of QWO treatment are quick to appear and long to last. If you have been delaying a consultation while you ponder the question: how long after a QWO procedure will you see results, now is the time to schedule your appointment. We are here to answer your questions and support you through the process. At our clinic, you will have access to cutting-edge cosmetic technology and knowledgeable staff. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.

How does QWO Differ from Other Cellulite Treatments?

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Cellulite is a common skin condition caused by an accumulation of fat cells pushing up against the skin. This buildup creates a dimpling effect on the surface. Although weight gain can contribute to cellulite development, the condition does not only effect heavier individuals. Cellulite impacts 80 to 90% of women regardless of Body Mass Index (BMI), and anyone can be susceptible to its effects.

Fortunately, you do have options if you struggle with stubborn cellulite and want to make corrections. Cosmetic surgery offers numerous cellulite reduction options from creams to surgeries, each varying in their effectiveness. QWO injections, which are FDA approved and no more invasive than Botox, are the latest of these remedies. Many people wonder: how does QWO differ from other cellulite treatments? A knowledgeable plastic surgeon could answer this question and help you determine the best procedure for your circumstances.

What Are QWO Injections?

Collagenase clostridium histolyticum-aaes, commonly known as QWO, combines two bacterial-produced enzymes that break down connective tissue at a cellular level. This effective cellulite treatment eradicates the regions that anchor skin to muscle, thus removing pockets of accumulated fat tissue.

QWO is the first and only FDA-approved injectable designed to treat moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women. Although these purified collagenolytic enzymes are new to the cosmetic industry, other fields have used QWO for over a decade to treat various connective tissue disorders.

A seasoned cosmetic physician could further outline the basics of QWO injections to help a prospective patient understand the treatment.

What Makes QWO Different?

Since cellulite results from collagen tethering skin to muscle, effective reduction methods sever these connections. The most popular cellulite reduction procedures use either mechanical blades or thermal laser methods. Both of these options require small incisions to access the tether points. QWO differs from the most historically popular treatments by chemically breaking down connective tissue via the injection of collagenolytic enzymes.

A diligent plastic surgeon could explain the differences between QWO and other methods in more detail to help someone determine which is best for their situation.

The Distinct Benefits of QWO

Statistical evidence demonstrates that QWO was well tolerated by study participants with no increased risk of adverse reactions over multiple sessions. Additionally, the treatment is less invasive and requires minimal downtime, compared to its traditional counterparts. This means that the injectable has a distinct edge over procedures that require lasers or larger injections.

In one study, women received Collagenase clostridium histolyticum-aaes injections spaced evenly over 90 days. Patients observed a significant reduction in cellulite, making them more confident in their appearance. However, prospective patients should understand that currently, scientists have only reviewed QWO efficacy in the buttocks of adult women. Regardless, the injection is powerful. A dedicated physician could outline the full impact of QWO treatment during a consultation.

Call a Plastic Surgeon to Learn More about the Differences between QWO and Other Cellulite Treatments

The cosmetic industry offers numerous methods of reducing cellulite development, but only one stands out as minimally invasive and less time-consuming. QWO is the first procedure to combat cellulite at its source, using enzymes to release connective tissue. This distinct difference between QWO injections and other cellulite treatments allows patients to return to normal activities immediately following their appointment.

If you are interested in eradicating stubborn cellulite that does not respond to diet and exercise, a detail-oriented plastic surgeon could help you understand how QWO differs from other options. Contact us today to schedule your initial appointment.

Are the Results of QWO Permanent?

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Statistics show that 80 to 90 percent of women live with cellulite. However, many women are not comfortable with the way that the condition impacts their physique. The visible effects of cellulite usually present themselves in the hips, thighs, and buttocks. If you are unhappy with dimpling caused by cellulite, you have options for treatment. For instance, QWO is the latest and the only FDA-approved injectable medication for cellulite.

Many people wonder: are the results of QWO treatment permanent? While the effects of the injection are likely not indefinite, compelling research demonstrates that they last a minimum of two years.

How Does QWO Treatment Work?

Cellulite develops when an accumulation of fat cells pushes up against skin that is anchored down by bands of tough connective collagen. This increase in fat cells can amplify the dimpling effect associated with the condition.

QWO is a collagenase or enzyme that breaks down collagen through chemical mechanisms. Other cellulite reduction treatments that release collagen tethers do so with mechanical severing and small incisions. Using an enzymatic reaction, QWO disintegrates collagen that anchors skin to muscle to cause this dreaded dimpling effect. The breakthrough prescription medication involves two components, a powder-filled vial and a separate sterile diluent used to reconstitute the collagenase powder when ready for use.

Each patient receives freshly developed and assembled QWO injection. Once diluted, a cosmetic physician will inject colorless and odorless solution directly into the dimples of the buttocks area with a small syringe. This treatment option requires no anesthesia, no incisions, and patients may return to regular activities immediately.

A knowledgeable plastic surgeon like Dr. Layton could answer any further questions about the details of the QWO injection process.

How Long do the Effects of QWO Treatment Last?

Due to QWO’s recent debut in cosmetics, it is not possible to label the results as permanent. Therefore, the duration of cellulite reduction remains somewhat unknown, at least for now. However, one study involving over 250 women incredibly promising results.

After receiving QWO treatment, patients should expect a minimum of one year in cellulite reduction. Fortunately, the benefits of the injection will likely last much longer. Since QWO breaks down the connective tissue bands that tether skin to muscle, the results of the procedure could easily last longer than one to two years.

A seasoned cosmetic physician could provide more information about the duration of QWO treatment results and work hard to maximize the impact of the injection.

Contact a Plastic Surgeon about Whether the Results of QWO Are Permanent

Regardless of whether you have spent your life eating right and exercising, cellulite is usually inevitable. Fortunately, the cosmetic industry recently received FDA approval to use QWO for the treatment of cellulite.

These quick and convenient procedures can happen during a lunch break with no required downtime. The injections also provide statistically proven, long-lasting results, with minimal discomfort. Contact an experienced cosmetic surgeon to schedule a consultation and learn more about whether the results of QWO treatment are permanent.