What is the Right Age to Get a Breast Augmentation? 

What is the Right Age to Get a Breast Augmentation? 

If you are considering cosmetic breast changes at Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, you may be wondering what the right age to get a breast augmentation is. The procedure is available for women over the age of 18 who want to their enhance chest contours and increase breast size and shape. However, your age is not the most influential factor to consider when deciding to undergo breast augmentation.

Since breasts finish developing at a different age for each individual, physical maturity is more important to consider than age for breast augmentation. Along with physical maturity, emotional maturity plays a significant role in the decision since it is a long-term commitment. Though age is an essential factor in breast augmentation, it is crucial to contemplate your physical and emotional maturity before the procedure with the help and guidance of Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ernest Layton.

Factors to Consider Before a Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation using saline implants is available for women older than the age 18. Silicone breast implants for breast augmentation are recommended for women aged 22 or older, though it is a possible choice for younger patients. There is no age limit for a breast augmentation surgery.

Older patients with more pronounced aging effects on the breasts could need additional surgery beyond breast augmentation, such as a breast lift, for their ideal cosmetic results.

How Your Age Influences a Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation patients are typically within their 20s through 50s.. A breast augmentation procedure must occur after fully completed breast development, which may continue into a patient’s early twenties, forcing a delay of the surgery for specific individuals. Further, since breasts undergo additional changes during pregnancy and menopause, a breast augmentation may provide better results after these events.

Essential considerations before breast augmentation are mental health and emotional maturity when choosing to move forward with the procedure. Breast augmentation is a big decision that must be motivated by personal reasons rather than outside influences.

Any Age is The Right Age to Get a Breast Augmentation

Though your age is a central factor in breast augmentation consideration, other factors play a more significant role in the decision. Breast augmentation is only for fully developed breasts, which occurs at various ages for different individuals up through the early twenties. If your breasts are still developing, award-winning Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ernest Layton would breast augmentation is a better choice once your physical changes have stopped.

In addition to physical maturity, emotional maturity is a significant factor in the decision to undergo breast augmentation at Layton Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Understanding the risks, cosmetic changes, and motivation for breast augmentation help determine if it is the right choice for you. Ultimately, there is no right age to get a breast augmentation as any woman with good health, fully developed breasts, and emotional maturity could benefit from the procedure.

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