What are the Medical Benefits of Getting a Tummy Tuck?

What are the Medical Benefits of Getting a Tummy Tuck?

When most people discuss the benefits of a tummy tuck operation, they focus on the ways that it can help tighten the abdomen. Though the operation significantly enhances your abs in many cosmetic ways, there are also medical benefits associated with the operation.

For example, a stomach tightening procedure could improve the strength of many different muscles. Additionally, by repairing the abdominal wall, tummy tuck surgery could improve your overall health and physique in numerous ways. If you want to learn more about the medical benefits of getting a tummy tuck, Dr. Layton or his staff could elaborate during your visit.

Abdomen-Specific Benefits of Stomach Tightening

As mentioned, many of the medical enhancements associated with a tummy tuck come from repairing the abdominal wall. Specifically, the operation repairs weakened or separated muscles that were impacted by weight gain or pregnancy. Repairing this damage could result in an increased ability to tolerate strenuous exercise and maintain abdominal strength.

Meanwhile, a tummy tuck might actually make it easier to lose weight or maintain a stable BMI. Furthermore, the surgery could enhance a patient’s abdominal muscle tone by fixing separated muscles that previously stretched the stomach.

Finally, a tummy tuck procedure could prevent patients from developing a ventral hernia, a painful tear in a weak abdominal wall that allows the intestines and abdominal tissue to break through. Individuals with a history of ventral hernias are at a higher risk of redeveloping the condition, so a tummy tuck is ideal for reducing their frequency. People who have undergone significant weight loss, an appendectomy procedure, or C-section should definitely consider stomach tightening since they are likely at higher risk of experiencing a ventral hernia.

If a prospective patient has further questions about the ways that a tummy tuck could medically benefit the abdomen, a knowledgeable physician from our practice is here to help.

Additional Enhancements Associated with Tummy Tucks

It is key to remember that tummy tucks do not exclusively benefit the abdominal muscles. Instead, after pregnancy, many women who have received stomach tightening operations also notice increased bladder control, resulting in a substantial reduction of stress urinary incontinence symptoms. More precisely, studies show that less than two percent of female tummy tuck patients experience stress urinary incontinence after surgery, including peeing when sneezing, jumping, and coughing.

Additionally, repairs to the abdominal walls improve many patients’ postures by strengthening the support of the back muscles and the spine. These are not the only unique medical benefits associated with tummy tuck surgeries, so anyone who is curious should be sure to meet with an experienced cosmetic physician like Dr.  Layton.

Call Dr. Layton about the Medical Benefits of Getting a Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck procedures, while great for the abdomen and stomach, also come with numerous other benefits that are worth considering. If you are wondering whether the medical benefits of getting a tummy tuck are worth the risk and recovery time, our team is here to assess your needs and physique during a consultation. Generally speaking, the surgery could improve your appearance, combat loose skin on your stomach, help you stay healthy in the future, and keep you feeling comfortable in your skin. Reach out today to speak with a team member about your options.

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