Reasons to Consider Breast Augmentation Surgery

Reasons to Consider Breast Augmentation Surgery

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), roughly 300,000 women undergo breast augmentation surgery per year. While that number is likely to decline due to recent coronavirus restrictions, breast augmentation remains the most popular cosmetic plastic surgery in the United States. If you have been thinking of getting larger breasts, now may be a perfect time. Here are some common reasons women choose to have breast augmentation surgery.

To Enhance Underdeveloped Breasts

A woman’s breasts begin to grow during puberty, but different bodies develop at different rates. If your mammary glands’ tissues have not grown significantly after puberty, you may be suffering from macromastia. Micromastia, also called hypomastia, breast aplasia, breast hypoplasia, or mammary hypoplasia, can affect one or both breasts.

Though genetics cause micromastia, the condition may result from childhood trauma, surgery, or exposure to radiation. Breast augmentation can solve this issue by adding volume and a natural, more proportional overall shape. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Layton to learn more about this procedure.

To Boost Self Confidence

Many women who choose to have breast augmentation begin thinking about it when they are young. Society and mass media seem to celebrate large breasts, so women whose breasts never fully grew may have a hard time feeling like they fit in.

A breast augmentation can give a woman the boost in self-esteem she has always lacked. Of course, not all women who elect to have breast augmentation surgery suffer from a lack of self-confidence. After breast augmentation surgery, you may feel younger and sexier, and your increased self-confidence can also lead to a fuller social life and a more satisfying sex life.

Breast Asymmetry

It is common for a woman’s breasts to appear slightly different in size and shape. However, some women experience drastic differences. Breast augmentation can fix asymmetry in these cases.

Puberty, trauma, or hormonal imbalances, such as during pregnancy, are common causes of asymmetrical breasts. Asymmetry is not a medical issue, but you should consult a physician if you have a question or concern regarding your asymmetrical breasts.

Breast Lift with Implants

A woman’s breasts can change shape or size because of weight loss, pregnancy, or aging. Many women choose breast lift surgery to address the sagging that comes with volume loss. Breast lift with implants addresses the droopiness and gives the patient a firm, rounded shape that looks amazing.

Reconstruction after Mastectomy

It is common for women who get a mastectomy to undergo breast augmentation surgery. Implants reconstruct the breasts and allow the patient to customize her new bosoms’ size and shape. After a mastectomy, women who have augmentation surgery should expect a loss or change in sensitivity.

Schedule a Breast Augmentation Consultation Today

There are countless reasons to consider breast augmentation surgery. However, the most important reason is your personal preference. Your reasons belong to you, and we respect that. To schedule your consultation, contact Dr. Layton today.

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