How Long After a QWO Procedure Will I See Results?

How Long After a QWO Procedure Will I See Results?

When individuals deliberate over a cosmetic procedure, they usually wonder about the results of the treatment. For example, they want to know what degree of improvement they can expect, how soon they will see results after treatment, and how long these modifications will last. Effectiveness varies depending on the patient and the procedure, so ensuring that your expectations are on par with the capability of a particular treatment is crucial.

If you have unsuccessfully tried to treat stubborn cellulite with over-the-counter creams or self-massage techniques, skepticism about other treatments is reasonable. Fortunately, you may have another option with QWO injections, which are the latest FDA-approved cellulite reduction technology. This treatment offers long-term results that become visible soon after a session.

A typical QWO treatment consists of three appointments spanned across two to three months. Each session is usually under 30 minutes, and clients are free to return to normal activities immediately.

If you need to know for how long after a QWO procedure you will see results, a knowledgeable plastic surgeon like Dr. Layton could answer your questions and address any further concerns.

When are Results Noticeable?

Most individuals will begin to see a decrease in cellulite within three weeks of the first treatment. Results of QWO injections will continue to develop long after the first session, with individuals seeing most of the improvement following the completion of their third and final treatment.

A well-practiced cosmetic physician could help a patient understand what kind of results to expect between each QWO session.

How Long do the Results of QWO Last?

Due to QWOs relatively recent appearance into the cosmetic industry, available data regarding the duration of the results is limited. However, one study with over 250 women exhibited positive outcomes in both safety and efficacy for up to 720 days post final procedure.

Based on this study, patients should see improved cellulite for a minimum of one year, but QWO is likely to provide even longer results. Because QWO severs the connective tissue bands pinning skin to muscle, which causes skin dimpling, the impact of the procedure could be incredibly-long lasting. A diligent physician can be sure to carefully administer QWO treatment, to make results last as long as possible.

Contact a Surgeon to Learn More about QWO Results

The results of QWO treatment are quick to appear and long to last. If you have been delaying a consultation while you ponder the question: how long after a QWO procedure will you see results, now is the time to schedule your appointment. We are here to answer your questions and support you through the process. At our clinic, you will have access to cutting-edge cosmetic technology and knowledgeable staff. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.

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