Are the Results of QWO Permanent?

Are the Results of QWO Permanent?

Statistics show that 80 to 90 percent of women live with cellulite. However, many women are not comfortable with the way that the condition impacts their physique. The visible effects of cellulite usually present themselves in the hips, thighs, and buttocks. If you are unhappy with dimpling caused by cellulite, you have options for treatment. For instance, QWO is the latest and the only FDA-approved injectable medication for cellulite.

Many people wonder: are the results of QWO treatment permanent? While the effects of the injection are likely not indefinite, compelling research demonstrates that they last a minimum of two years.

How Does QWO Treatment Work?

Cellulite develops when an accumulation of fat cells pushes up against skin that is anchored down by bands of tough connective collagen. This increase in fat cells can amplify the dimpling effect associated with the condition.

QWO is a collagenase or enzyme that breaks down collagen through chemical mechanisms. Other cellulite reduction treatments that release collagen tethers do so with mechanical severing and small incisions. Using an enzymatic reaction, QWO disintegrates collagen that anchors skin to muscle to cause this dreaded dimpling effect. The breakthrough prescription medication involves two components, a powder-filled vial and a separate sterile diluent used to reconstitute the collagenase powder when ready for use.

Each patient receives freshly developed and assembled QWO injection. Once diluted, a cosmetic physician will inject colorless and odorless solution directly into the dimples of the buttocks area with a small syringe. This treatment option requires no anesthesia, no incisions, and patients may return to regular activities immediately.

A knowledgeable plastic surgeon like Dr. Layton could answer any further questions about the details of the QWO injection process.

How Long do the Effects of QWO Treatment Last?

Due to QWO’s recent debut in cosmetics, it is not possible to label the results as permanent. Therefore, the duration of cellulite reduction remains somewhat unknown, at least for now. However, one study involving over 250 women incredibly promising results.

After receiving QWO treatment, patients should expect a minimum of one year in cellulite reduction. Fortunately, the benefits of the injection will likely last much longer. Since QWO breaks down the connective tissue bands that tether skin to muscle, the results of the procedure could easily last longer than one to two years.

A seasoned cosmetic physician could provide more information about the duration of QWO treatment results and work hard to maximize the impact of the injection.

Contact a Plastic Surgeon about Whether the Results of QWO Are Permanent

Regardless of whether you have spent your life eating right and exercising, cellulite is usually inevitable. Fortunately, the cosmetic industry recently received FDA approval to use QWO for the treatment of cellulite.

These quick and convenient procedures can happen during a lunch break with no required downtime. The injections also provide statistically proven, long-lasting results, with minimal discomfort. Contact an experienced cosmetic surgeon to schedule a consultation and learn more about whether the results of QWO treatment are permanent.

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